Touch Agogo The Best Club in Pattaya
Touch Agogo

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Grand Opening Saturday the 12th



Everything you see here is Beautiful & Happiness.

A Touch Above the Rest

In a veritable sea of Go Go bars, bar girls, and beer bars surrounded with girls it is difficult at best to stand out from the crowd. We are all unique, we all have our own thumbprint, but distinguishing that print from all the others is what separates the best from the rest. Touch A Go Go has taken one of the most beloved forms of industry art and brought it to life within the walls of Touch A Go Go you will find gorgeous Thai women dressed in adult cosplay featuring your favourite Hentai characters.

Naughty Nurse

Have you ever had the naughty nurse fantasy? Are you feeling a bit under the weather? The naughty nurse staff on call at Touch will sooth your troubles and pamper you with tender loving care. Show her you appreciate everything she does to make you feel better by getting her something fancy to drink. It’s hard being on call all night long.

Hot for Teacher

Have you been a good boy? If you have you better not show up around here, our naughty teachers at touch have a ruler and a hell of a wrist. Good boys go to heaven; bad boys go to Pattaya as the t-shirt says. The teachers in the Touch classroom will have you on your best behaviour.

Purrrrfect Fantasy

Delve deeper into the fantasy world of hentai with the pussy cat girls, with cute little noses, and whiskers to boot, while they shake their tails on stage. Long luxurious hair pinned back by animal ears, and when it quiets down, you may catch one purring at just the right Touch. Romping around on the fantasy playground with their pussy cat friends are more animals still. The felines of course will chase the mice, who knows you may even get lucky enough to see the girls play in a little ole game of cat caught the mouse. An age old game of catch and release that will leave you breathless when you get a glimpse. With so many girls with such varied tastes, no two nights at Touch are ever the same. You never know what to expect. You never know when a new toon may pop up. The girls get creative, and have even surprised us. They have taken this concept and embraced it fully. They have turned an average Go Go into a place of creativity and expression and fun all in one. When one visits Touch the girls are sure to delight. Come down anytime to experience a perfect Pattaya night.

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